Marti Kheel

Marti Kheel was a prominent writer and activist in the areas of ecofeminism, animal advocacy, and environmental ethics and author of the recently published Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective. Her articles have been widely published in journals and anthologies both within the United States and abroad. More about Marti.

Nature Ethics is a groundbreaking contribution to the literature and a must read for anyone concerned with the links among environment ethics, animal liberation, and feminist critique of male cultural bias.”

Rosemary Radford Ruether
author of Gaia and God

nature ethics: a book from marti kheel

In her ground-breaking book, Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective, Marti Kheel explores the underlying worldview of nature ethics, offering an alternative ecofeminist approach. Seeking to heal the divisions between the seemingly disparate movements and philosophies of feminism, animal advocacy, environmental ethics, and holistic health, Kheel proposes an ecofeminist philosophy that underscores the importance of empathy and care for individual beings as well as larger wholes.
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