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"Nature Ethics is a groundbreaking contribution to the literature and a must read for anyone concerned with the links between environmental ethics, animal liberation, and feminist critique of male cultural bias."

"A major figure in ecofeminism, Marti Kheel's original thinking about nature ethics culminates in this sweeping volume. She offers vital insights into the destructive consequences of a detached masculine self-identity, and a path toward the development of a genuinely inclusive nature ethic that respects all living beings."

"Nature Ethics is a major contribution to ecofeminist philosophy, animal liberation, and environmental ethics. Marti Kheel provides an invaluable critique of the ecological position that accepts violence toward individual beings while professing love and respect for the larger natural world."

"I would buy this book for the section on vegan practice alone. Hats off to Marti Kheel and this wonderful book!"

"Nature Ethics provides a comprehensive and fair-minded account of the contrasting positions, particularly with respect to animals, between ecofeminist nature ethics and the celebrated holistic views of Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, Holmes Rolston III, and Warwick Fox. Anyone interested in women's studies, animal advocacy, hunting, vegetarianism, or environmental ethics will find this impressive book helpful and challenging."

"It is [Kheel's] concern to find ways of thinking that embrace both nature in general and specific beings in nature--individual animals--that I think is one of the strengths of this book. . . . It is also a strength of Kheel's position that she writes not only about the abstraction called nature but also about the personal practices that a caring ethic might entail. . . . Every mouse, every spider, every earthworm, has a story to tell. We should care enough to listen." – Read full review [PDF]

"This is an interesting, well researched, and well argued book . . . rich in detail. . . . I think that this is a wonderful book." – Read full review [PDF]

"Kheel's book is a powerful exposé of 'hegemonic masculinity' in the writing of four pioneering environmental ethicists: three Americans—Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, Holmes Rolston III—and an Australian, Warwick Fox." – Read full review [PDF]

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